‘Stranger Things’ Fans Think They’ve Found A Clue About Chief Hopper In The Season 4 Teaser

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Almost as if they were intent on kicking off Spooky SZN all by themselves, Netflix dropped the first teaser forย Stranger Things 4 on Monday while also announcing that the series creators, The Duffer Brothers, had signed an overall deal with the streaming giant.

Warning: spoilers for Stranger Thingsย will follow.

While the teaser was only 40-second long, it did include some major clues about the upcoming fourth season, including the fate of one Hawkins Police Chief Jim Hopper.

Given that it’s essentially general consensus that Hopper survived the Starcourt Mall blast and did so by hopping into the Upside Down, Netflix is obviously not being shy about teasing the possible survival of the show’s most popular character.

And according to some fans on the internet, they think that Netflix snuck a sly reference to the whereabouts of everyone’s favorite chain-smoking police chief in the brief announcement teaser.

While it may not be a hint about Hopper specifically (psssstttt… it definitely is), it’s certainly a hint to something, as the Upside Down is a notoriously lightless place (it also certainly looks like that light is on the front porch of Hopper’s cabin):

Ever since the end ofย Stranger Things 3, fans have speculated that the upcoming fourth season would revolve around some mission through the Upside Down to save Chief Hopper, and Netflix has only amplified those discussions with this initial teaser.

At this time, whileย Stranger Things 4ย has no official release date, you could probably expect the fourth season of the beloved Netflix show to drop sometime during Fall of 2020.



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