Surveillance Video Of Car Smashing Into The Second Floor Of A Building Goes Viral

A crazy video showing a car launching into the air and crashing into the second floor of a building has gone viral. We take you to California where a motorist drove their Nissan Altima into a median parallel causing the car to fly into the air. On Sunday, the Altima crash-landed into the second story of a Santa Ana dental office.

The impact was so powerful that the car was lodged in the building and was stuck there. Surveillance video shows the exact moment that the car was launched into the sky. If it had been a second later the car would have flown into the side of a bus. There were two people in the car and one managed to get out of the car but was injured. However, the other person was trapped int he car and it took rescue workers an hour to set them free. A fire started, but firefighters were able to put it out. Both individuals were transported to the hospital and luckily only treated for minor injuries. The driver admitted that he was on drugs while driving. No shit.


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