Sylvester Stallone’s $350,000 Customized Cadillac Escalade Is A Four Seasons Suite On Wheels

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

For $350,000, you could purchase a 4,000 square-foot, 4-bedroom beauty in Toledo, Ohio, or you could just cop Sylvester Stallone’s 20-foot 2019 Cadillac Escalade, fully customized to make travel feel like a privilege.

Becker Automotive Design, the folks who tricked out Tom Brady’s 2017 heavily-modified Escalade to the tune of $300,000, are now handling the sale of Sylvester Stallone’s stretch Escalade.

Sly, who claims he ordered the luxury vehicle for a specific purpose, but his “requirement for it has recently changed,” is selling the beast with just 1,000 miles on it. When you’re worth an estimated $400 million, “requirements recently changing” is a valid excuse to unload basically anything.

The whip is loaded with a 43-inch UHD LCD smart TV built into the electric center divider partition and rear 12-inch LCD screens for rear-facing passengers, with two SIM cards from different carriers to ensure the most reliable internet connection, TMZ reports.

For extra privacy, the windows are outfitted with electric curtains, and for a more comfy ride — 2 fully electric rear bucket seats and electric leg rests. The car alone cost $89,500 but the interior enhancements — for a cool $136,330 — are what really make this a powerhouse on wheels.

The original price was tagged at $408,000 and has since dropped to $350,000 or best offer.

Sly and Brady aren’t the only stars Becker Automotive has outfitted with private jets on wheels. Here is Cristiano Ronaldo in the backseat of a similar luxury coach.

Here is Jim Irsay doing his best ‘happy person’ expression.


These whips are cool and all, but if you want to experience the unrivaled adrenaline of a 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport (with power windows and ice cold air conditioning), hit me up. I got you.