Sylvester Stallone’s Story About The Outfit He Wore In ‘First Blood’ Is 100 Percent Pure Rambo

Sylvester Stallone Story Outfit First Blood

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Sylvester Stallone just revealed the story behind how he ended up in the iconic homemade poncho he wore as former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier John Rambo in First Blood and, of course, it’s awesome. (Bring on Rambo 5!)

I say of course because Stallone has more cool stories than any one man should be allowed to have in a lifetime.

Often those stories revolve around the Rocky franchise, because it is legit one of the greatest film series in the history of cinema and anyone who says otherwise I will fight.

This time, however, Stallone dropped some behind-the-scenes nuggets about one of his other timeless movie franchises, the Rambo film series.

Writing on Instagram, Sly shared a behind-the-scenes story from First Blood about how John Rambo ended up wearing the badass tarp and rope killing ensemble that was so badass. And it had nothing to do with the script, which he co-wrote and was based on David Morrell’s 1972 novel of the same name.

“Not many people know this but it was hovering just above zero in northern Canada and I hadn’t prepared for it,” revealed Stallone. “Miraculously, in the middle of the woods I came across this rusted up truck that must’ve been there for 30+ years and underneath it was this old dry rotted piece of canvas… I took my knife and cut a hole in the top and turned it into a poncho which Really save [sic] me from the bitter cold and freezing rain! This was not in the script, this is what you call a lucky Movie miracle.”

Cool story, huh?

The topper ends up being that the ratty old piece of canvas Stallone carved up ended up being sold at auction for $60,000! What a life this guy has led.

Side note: I SO wanted that knife as a kid after seeing the movie. (Turns out, 36 years after the movie was released, you can actually buy it and others from the Rambo movies. Go figure.)

You’re not hunting him… he’s hunting you.

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