Tasty Tune Tuesday 2/23: The Fourteenth Edition Has No Rhyme Or Reason

Tasty Tune Tuesday 2/23

I’ve been up, down and all around with what I’ve been listening to over the last seven days. A few of my favorites dropped new stuff that you need to hear, but I also dug up some oldies that might be newbies for some! On the third day of every week, I’ll drop ten songs that tickle my eardrums. Variety of tracks will range from hip hop/rap, EDM, country, singer/songwriter, Americana, R&B and everything in between— something for everyone depending on what I’m jamming that week.

This week’s collection doesn’t follow any parallels, it’s an assortment that pulls from a little bit of everywhere. Here’s the tracklist:

Track No. 1: Hit Bout It — Lil Yachty, Kodak Black

He’s baaaaaaaaaaaack! Kodak’s first verse out the slammer hits around the 1:30 mark.

Track No. 2: Blame It On Society — Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana’s second album dropped over the weekend and it’s ever so delightful. The title track is a spiritual, full-bodied embrace of spindly soul-pop.

Track No. 3: OK — Wallows, Remi Wolf, Solomonphonic

This rework of a much-needed dose of optimism combines jubilant choral harmonies with a festive electronics that sparkle through groovy bass lines. All three voices are perfectly matched to compliment one another without butting heads in the same tone.

Track No. 4: Shawty — Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf’s appearance on Track 3 brought me back to my favorite song of theirs. The sound could be described as Bay Area ego with Los Angeles polish. It’s bouncy, layered and super unique. There isn’t another group on the market that sounds like Remi Wolf.

Track No. 5: Make It Rain — Foy Vance

You may have heard Ed Sheeran’s version of this song on Sons of Anarchy. The original is so much better. Foy Vance is raw, unadulterated soul. Man, I miss live music.

Track No. 6: Case Closed — Young Dolph, Key Glock

South Memphis dropped another trap banger. Sheesh.

Track No. 7: You — Manwolves

There is a uniform tightness to Manwolves’ sound that wades through languid melodies. Their gentle horns (!!) are equal parts jazz and adult contemporary, and their guitars can tack yacht-rock dives, but they incorporate a heavy rap and hip-hop influence without falling into the highly saturated college jam band category.

Track No. 8: I Need A Forest Fire — James Blake, Bon Iver

Two of the best voices in the business joined forces a few years back. It’s lovely.

Track No. 9: Further On Down The Road — Taj Mahal, Jack Johnson

Another powerful duo share the stage on this song. Taj Mahal has such a distinct tone and Jack Johnson is the perfect tag-team partner. Have I said that I miss live music.

Track No. 10: Role Model — Eminem

The Slim Shady LP dropped 22 years ago today. Iconic.


(The playlist may not refresh on its own below, but if you click out to Spotify and hit like, it’ll pop right up and you can follow along!)

Looking for last week’s music?! Here is every delicious ditty to ever grace this list:

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