Luckiest Teen Ever Wins $1 Million On First Day He Can Legally Play The Lottery

pile of money teen wins million lottery


You know the saying, some people have all the luck? It’s true. Because if luck is a real thing, then it’s definitely been consolidated into just a select few people on the planet.

How else do you explain a women winning $2 million playing the lottery just two months after winning $1 million?

Or the guy who won a $3 million lottery prize three years after his brother won a million dollars?

Or Kaleb Heng, a California teenager, who just won a million dollar lottery prize on his 18th birthday – the first day he was legally allowed to play?

And Heng didn’t even buy the presciently named Perfect Gift scratch-off lottery ticket. It was a birthday gift from his grandmother.

“I’m pretty stoked! I certainly wasn’t expecting it,” Heng told California Lottery officials.

“My mom was driving me to go fishing, and on the way, I scratched it. We had to pull over. It was a million dollars, and I didn’t even have an ID yet,” Heng added. “We turned around and went home because I had to get an ID before I could even claim the ticket.”

He says he will be using the winnings for college and to invest in his future, which just got a whole lot brighter.

Meanwhile, across the country in Virginia, a man bought 20 tickets for a single Pick 4 lottery drawing and won 20 times.

Fekru Hirpo of Alexandria ended up winning $100,000 when he chose the numbers 2-5-2-7 on 20 identical Pick 4 lottery tickets and they each won a $5,000 prize.

According to a Virginia Lottery press release, “Hirpo told Lottery officials he doesn’t usually play with so many tickets containing identical numbers, but something just told him to do it.”

He added that he has no immediate plans for his winnings.

Surprisingly, people buying multiple identical lottery tickets and winning big happens more often than one might think.

Like I said, some people have all the luck.

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