Dudes Take A Paintball Shotgun To Breakable Glass And Film It In Slow-Mo HD Using A 4K Camera

The slow mo guys


I’ve been paintballing countless times in my life but I’ve never had the chance to use a paintball shotgun. When you’re playing on a wide-open outdoor paintball course the shotgun makes zero sense because it’s only really valuable from close range. I say this because I just want to emphasize how jealous I am that somebody finally found the absolutely perfect use for a paintball shotgun. Sure, these might not be conventional shotguns as you typically know them but they function all the same.

In the latest clip from The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube, they’ve busted out the paintball shotgun and set up a display of breakables. There are some glasses, vases, pints, decorative ceramic plates and more. Then they bust out the 4K camera and film in slow-mo HD as they absolutely demolish the breakables using their paintball shotgun:

I have probably said this a hundred times here on BroBible but The Slow Mo Guys might have the best jobs on the planet. They get to just mess around, perform science experiments, blow things up, and shoot at stuff all while filming it in slow-mo HD so it looks awesome on the Internet. I might be a simple man but I cannot think of a more fun way to spend my days than that, especially when they’re probably making $$$$$$$$$$$$$ from all of that dope YouTube success.