This Video Of Seinfeld Breaking Down An NBA Player Attacking A Fan While Bill Gates Watched On In Horror Is Pure 90s Magic


Following the conclusion of The Last Dance, I tweeted that my biggest takeaway from the nostalgia-soaked 10-part docuseries was not actually Michael Jordan-related, but more about the era in which he dominated: the ’90s were dope and it’s essentially been all downhill from there.

We were in peacetime and a surplus. The fits were bright and relaxed but also straightforward and functional. Action movies were patently outrageous and the music was legitimately revolutionary (grunge rock, West and East Coast rap, etc). Like, imagine being in college when Eminem first became a thing — at a party and you hear The Real Slim Shady dumping out the speakers? I would lose my damn mind. And be proud to be outta ya mind and outta control one more time loud as you can how does it go!?!?” Sheesh. Getting hyped just thinking about it. 10:00 a.m. here over in NYC and I’m READY to house a beer and dominate back-to-back-to-back games of pong.

You get my point, the 90s were great and a little comedian known as Jerry Seinfeld was a huge part of that. Turns out Seinfeld was apparently a pretty big basketball guy, as he not only happened to appear in The Last Dancebut he’s also been going viral this week for this simply excellent clip that shows him breaking down that time Houston Rockets shooting guard Vernon Maxwell walked into the stands and punched a heckler in the face as Microsoft founder Bill Gates watched on in horror.

Like I said, the 90’s, man — we peaked.

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