Tiger King Fans Believe Jeff Lowe Is Actually Carole Baskin’s First Husband In Latest Wild Conspiracy Theory

Netflix’s true-crime docuseries Tiger King which focuses on the petty beef between zookeeper Joseph Maldonado-Passage, aka Joe Exotic, and Big Cat Rescue sanctuary owner Carole Baskin has taken over the world during quarantine. Baskin and Maldonado-Passage’s decades-long feud eventually ended with Joe Exotic being put away in jail when he plotted to kill his long-time nemesis despite many feeling that Joe Exotic was set up.

The doc has plenty of wild revelations but one of the craziest accusations made on the show is that Baskin killed her second husband Don Lewis, who went missing in 1997 and has yet to be found.

Weeks after the series was initially released on Netflix fans have shared wild conspiracy theories to try to make sense of what transpired on the show. The wildest conspiracy theory to come from fans features Joe Exotic’s business partner Jeff Lowe, who set up Joe in the murder-for-hire plot, actually being Carole Baskin’s first husband.

Can’t lie Jeff Lowe looks exactly Carole’s first husband which makes this theory mindblowing.