Is Tom Holland’s Birthday Message To Zendaya The Biggest Flex In The History Of Both Men And Social Media?

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But in all seriousness, more so than the fact that he’s dating Zendaya — objectively one of the most beautiful women of the world, whose 106 million followers (and counting) on Instagram make her the 28th most-followed person on IG on the planet — is that he’s doing so in the context of them also playing Spider-Man and MJ.

What little kid doesn’t dream of being a superhero when they grow up, let alone Spider-Man, an inarguable Top 5 comic book character of all time? What teenager (and adult, for that matter) doesn’t hope to one day sleep with and date a world-famous movie star/model? Tom Holland is doing both at the same time and the levels of flex in the caption alone summarize that notion: “Hey everyone here’s my girlfriend who’s also an actress who’s playing the object of Spider-Man’s affection and, oh, by the way, I’m also Spider-Man.” He’s living the fantasy life of both childhood you AND grown-up you. Saying so much with so little. Well played, Tom. Well played.

The only thing that I can possibly imagine being cooler than this is playing Batman or Joker and posing for a romantic behind-the-scenes photo with Margot Robbie in Harley Quinn make-up instead. And that’s got nothing to do with Zendaya/Margot and everything to do with the fact that being Batman would be cooler than being Spider-Man because being a billionaire without powers is far better than being a broke teenager with powers.

You can next catch Zendaya in the highly-anticipated Denis Villeneuve film Dune when it hits theaters and HBO Max on October 22. As for Holland’s next movie, I imagine your calendar already has December 17 circled, as that’s the day Spider-Man: No Way Home finally hits theaters.

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