Tripp and Tyler’s Hilarious New Video Nails The Annoyances Of Flying As Part Of Real Life Travel

flying real life

When you think about all the hoops we jump through for flying, it’s clear that the annoyances of air travel are pretty absurd. Thankfully, those pain in the ass characteristics are limited to just air travel but in the hilarious video, it’s part of real life travel.

Tripp and Tyler, the guys from that hilarious video about email’s annoying things in real life, are back at it again. In this new video, they take all the awful things about air travel and show what life would be like if they were part of everyday travel. Essentially, it’s a hellacious nightmare of a world where I have absolutely zero interest in living.

Check it out:

This video seriously has it all… incompetent baggage handlers, no personal space, chatty and annoying neighbors, unnecessary delays, annoying overhead announcements, snappy flight attendants and more. This video is so spot on it just makes me angry at myself for not being able to afford First Class every time I fly.

While flying is pretty unlikely to get a ton better, I’m definitely thankful we don’t have to deal with its bullshit on a daily basis. While the video is only a small upgrade from what most Uber Pools are like, it’s no less than a billion times more awful than what most of us experience on a daily commuting basis. So, remember this video next time your commute sucks.


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