Uber Driver Blames GPS After Driving Down A Flight Of Stairs And Getting Stuck

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People give youngsters crap all the time for being glued to their phones, but it is partly due to the demands of the world that was built up around us. Imagine if someone walked up to you on the street today and asked you for directions. Your first thought would probably be ‘uh check your damn phone, jerkoff.’ And then you’d reach for your phone because you haven’t bothered to navigate the streets of your own town without the use of technology.

Technology is becoming so engrained in our everyday lives that by the year 2029, either you or I will have had sex with an anatomically correct robot, and I’m really hoping it’s you.

To demonstrate our undying trust in the gadgets that guide us, lets head over to San Francisco, where an Uber driver’s GPS took him and two passengers on an interesting route–down a flight of pedestrian stairs.

Via Business Insider:

A tow truck attempted to remove the car from above the steps by using a cable to lower the car down, according to people at the scene, but it snapped, and the car plowed into a public trash can. The can was knocked off its screws.

The driver, Fred, told Business Insider that he was using the Uber map at the time of the accident. The app instructed him to go down the stairs, he said.

Fred shouldn’t be too hard on himself, as he isn’t the first driver to make that mistake, as Business Insider points out, a taxi driver did the same thing back in 2014, mistaking the steps for an exit way. Check out the pics here.

Oh, and this guy.

Twitter users pointed out that this is a real life Office episode.