Mad Respect To The Uber Eats Driver Who Got Busted For Being Ballsy Enough To Chow Down On A Customer’s Wings

Uber Eats driver gets caught chowing on a customer's chicken wings


Uber Eats has probably been crazy busy over the past few months, with everyone choosing their favorite fast-food spots to house late-night dinner after sitting around all day doing jack shit. Hey, nothing wrong with that, right? After all, who the hell wants to cook during a global pandemic? I sure as hell don’t.

Problem is, not every delivery driver can be trusted, with some strangers being real big dickheads and doing shit to your grub before you receive it. I’m not one of those skeptical people who has trouble trusting someone else, but there has to be times when a somebody tasked with dropping off your food gets a little curious. C’mon, it’s human nature.

While it may happen lots — and, hopefully doesn’t lead to anything more than a quick peek from the driver — one customer who ordered chicken wings from Uber Eats had an experience like none other: Because the delivery guy was actually eating the wings as if they were his own.

According to Charlie De Mar of the local CBS station in Chicago, a man named Richard Jackson caught his Uber Eats delivery, uh, sauce-handed, with the security cameras around Jackson’s house recording the culprit housing some boneless wings.

Per CBS 2:

A 15-piece boneless chicken wing order turned out to be just too tempting for that delivery guy. The whole thing caught on camera, and the driver’s explanation was simply that he was hungry.

There are security cameras all over Richard Jackson’s home, and the driver was spotted on them.

“And he’s walking along the grass and then my camera happened to pick him up. I gestured towards my camera,” Jackson said. “He was clearly caught digging into my food.”

The cameras light up and there are even warning signs alerting people to them. But that apparently didn’t stop the delivery guy from helping himself to Jackson’s dinner.

“He was digging into the bag, you know, sort of chucking the boneless wings – repeatedly popping them in,” Jackson said. “This is when I see the sauce smeared all over the bag. It’s missing several pieces of the chicken.”

Jackson used Uber Eats to order dinner from Buffalo Wild Wings.

He said instead of his assigned delivery driver, a man hopped out of the passenger side door and almost immediately began rifling through the bag.

“It’s concerning that he was so nonchalant,” Jackson said, “especially during a pandemic where we have a highly transmissible disease.”

“I did challenge him on why he was eating my food,” Jackson said.

Jackson confronted the driver on the porch, and after a few moments, Jackson says he got an admission and refused to accept the order.

“He eventually admitted to eating my food,” Jackson said. “He said, ‘Oh, I was hungry.’”

Classic response from the Uber Eats driver, going with the only natural thing he could think of: That he was hungry. But, sheesh, what a dumbass move to get caught. Bro, there’s absolutely nobody in your car, so, yeah, next time you want to do something like this, it might be best to sneak a snack while driving alone in there.

Problem is, this particular Uber Eats driver isn’t alone in his curiosity. According to a 2019 U.S. Foods study that polled 500 deliverers, a whopping 28 percent admitted to snagging customers food. That’s pretty nasty. It basically means that, when you order food online four times, there’s a good chance one of your delivery drivers have snuck a little bite for themselves.

In Richard Jackson’s situation, he was at least given a refund and Uber Eats is looking into the matter. Still, given this pandemic that’s going on, getting $10 back for some delicious wings you ordered doesn’t seem like a good enough reward for a stranger eating your food.

(H/T CBS/Chicago)