UCF Student’s Terminator Costume With Live Ammo Belt Lands Him In Handcuffs


A University of Central Florida student found a creative way to ditch class Tuesday when he rocked a Terminator costume, complete with live shotgun shells draped across his chest.

UCF police officers responded after receiving a report of a suspicious person in Classroom Building I. According to UCF Police Chief Carl Metzger, the police put the building on lockdown, identified the 20-year-old student, and threw him in cuffs.

Metzger told reporters that the student was let go after police determined he was dressed as Terminator and there was no malicious or criminal intent behind his costume.

“While it’s not illegal to have ammunition on campus, it certainly is in poor taste given the events of the last week,” Metzger said.

In the wake of the incident, the UCF Police posted a message to the campus on its Facebook page.

Posted by UCF Police Department on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

It’s actually shocking to me only one person called the cops on this dude. It’s be one thing if A.) It was actually Halloween and not a day before and B.) He actually rocked a convincing Terminator costume. A leather jacket and a bandolier full of live ammo falls more under the realm of ‘school shooter’ than the Arnold.

[h/t Fox News]

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