‘Uncle Daycare’ Sketch From Shane Gillis Is A MUST WATCH

Shane Gillis and John McKeever dropped their second sketch today and it’s the sort of thing that makes you find God. I’m not sure how else to put it: this sketch is so funny that a higher power has to be pulling some strings. Watch it and tell me you’re still an atheist, I dare you.

This was the moment where I legitimately lost control:

I was eating a ground turkey rice bowl and the turkey was going down when I saw that face. Next thing you know, the food is coming up. Then I can’t breathe around the food. Then I’m really not having fun as the food can’t decide if it’s coming or going. It’s still kinda stuck there, or at least the feeling is. Kinda ruined my day while simultaneously making my month.

It’s a tremendous followup to last week’s installment, Isis Toyota:

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Oh, and here’s Shane on our podcast Oops. Shane outlines his path from playing football at West Point to his infamous stint at Saturday Night Live. One of the better episodes we’ve got: