Utah Theme Park Files Lawsuit They Won’t Win Against Taylor Swift Over ‘Evermore’ Name

Utah Theme Park Files Lawsuit Against Taylor Swift Over Evermore Name

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Evermore Park, a fantasy theme park located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, has filed a lawsuit against Taylor Swift claiming she caused “actual confusion” by titled her 2020 album “Evermore.”


And here we were thinking that no one could possibly top the man who filed a lawsuit over “Hawaiian Rolls” not being made in Hawaii.

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According to the Salt Lake Tribune

Utah fantasy theme park Evermore filed a lawsuit against singer-songwriter Taylor Swift on Tuesday, accusing her of trademark infringement. According to the complaint, the title of the popular musician’s 2020 album “evermore” conflicts with the theme park’s trademark rights and has resulted in “actual confusion” online.

Lawyers for Swift, who are refusing to a comply with a cease and desist letter sent to them by the park, call the allegations “baseless.”

“The Swift parties have consistently stylized references to the new album in a way that is entirely distinct” from Evermore Park, Swift’s attorneys wrote in court documents, adding that TaylorSwift.com “does not sell small dragon eggs, guild patches, or small dragon mounts, and nothing could be remotely characterized as such.”

Are they sure about that?

Utah Theme Park Files Lawsuit Against Taylor Swift Over Evermore

The day after the release of “evermore” is when the confusion started for the theme park, says Andrea Measom, director of human resources for Evermore, in court documents. After the release of Swift’s album, “guests at Evermore Park asked me whether the Evermore album was the result of a collaboration between Evermore and Taylor Swift or some other type of relationship,” Measom said.

What could possess Evermore Park to file such an obviously ludicrous lawsuit? Here’s a possible clue…

Swift better hope she doesn’t win any Grammys this year. I hear there’s a gold-themed amusement park in Wyoming that is looking to score some new merch for their gift shop.

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