Vampire Goth Transforms Herself By Covering Up All Her Tattoos To Become ‘Instagram Model’

Vampire Goth Instagram model transformation

iStockphoto / MarinaZg

Last month, we covered the story of Ethan who shocked himself – and his girlfriend – by covering up all of his facial tattoos.

This time around, Aryn, who goes by Vampryn on Instagram, is getting the makeover treatment thanks to the web series Transformed.

For her episode, Aryn undergoes a complete transformation including hair, makeup, clothing to look like an “Instagram model” for a day.

Aryn explained to Transformed that her signature style takes up to two and a half hours to complete each morning.

The vampire-look is inspired and influenced by the horror genre – big shock – and she sometimes adds a little extra touch of fake blood or colored contact lenses.

Vampryn is ready for transformation day but warns the show producers that if she ends up liking it, “she’s going to have an existential crisis.”

Thankfully for her, and her fans, she wasn’t thrilled with the makeover at all.

Her boyfriend, on the other hand, we’ll his face said he kinda liked the new look even though his words weren’t matching the reaction.

[via Truly]