Video Shows Las Vegas Police Officer Grabbing And Dragging A Protester Who Appeared To Be Minding His Own Business

Protests have taken place all across the country over the weekend following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin and for the past three or four days we’ve seen several wild videos pop up on social media from those demonstrations.

On Saturday night, this video of a man who appeared to be minding his own business getting grabbed and dragged by a Las Vegas police officer went viral when it was shared by popular twitter account Las Vegas Locally.

The man was eventually released from jail and began answering questions about the incident on Twitter.

The man in the video claims he didn’t say anything to the officer and he was just walking to his car.

The man says he’s considering taking the officer to court following the incident but hasn’t been able to identify the officer as of yet.

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