This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ FAIL Will Drive A Lot Of People Insane

Wheel of Fortune Vanna White and Pat Sejak

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Being put into pressure situations can cause some people to buckle. We often see this in action on the Wheel of Fortune when contestants fumble the easiest answers.

This Wheel of Fortune FAIL will live in infamy. It may be hard for some foodies to watch. And not even just foodies, this is such a basic food for millions and this question was a softball.

With only 2 letters missing on the board, the contestant chose to try and solve the puzzle…

The answer is clear as day. It says ‘warm toasted bagels with lox and cream cheese.’ The only letters missing were the ‘g’ in bagels and ‘x’ in lox. Easiest puzzle ever, right? Well…

Wheel of Fortune FAIL

Wheel of Fortune

You can watch the video here on YouTube but the screenshot from live TV should be sufficient.

LOW?! What on earth would LOW be on a bagel with cream cheese? I know that people panic under pressure but ‘LOW’?! How do you not get LOX? My wife would divorce me if I fumbled that question. Lox makes up like 40% of her breakfast diet.

This Low-Lox Wheel of Fortune FAIL continues a streak of truly bizarre fumbles on the show.

This choke job from mid-February was one of the easiest puzzles the show has ever produced. Fresh Tropical Fruit. Only ONE letter was missing and somehow she fumbled the answer here:

For my money, nothing will EVER top this one:

Depending on where you live in the United States, you either get Wheel of Fortune right before Jeopardy! or immediately after.

It has always come on before Jeopardy! for me which is good because I cannot imagine going from the geniuses on that show to someone unable to answer ‘fresh tropical fruit’ or the word ‘lox’.

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