Woman Leaves Dunkin’ Employees Baffled By Loudly Arguing That A Dozen Donuts Means 50

Woman Baffles Dunkin Employees Arguing That A Dozen Donuts Means 50

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Quick, how many donuts are in a dozen? If you said 12, then you’re normal. A half dozen would be six donuts and a baker’s dozen would be 13. Everyone knows these things, right?

I only ask because a women, let’s call her Karen, was filmed on TikTok recently getting into an argument with Dunkin’ employees because she believes a dozen donuts means 50.

No. Really. She was pretty darn adament about it too.

In a couple of TikTok videos, uploaded by user @princess__natt, we see Karen at the counter, mask around her chin (where it obviously does the most good), rainbow tie-dyed fanny pack around her waist, loudly telling the Dunkin’ emloyee behind the counter, “MORE!”

“I need more!” Karen bellows. “Fifty. Five-zero!”

After the employee appears to be explaining to Karen that she ordered a dozen donuts, which is, in the real world 12 and not 50, she barks back, “That’s what a dozen is. Not 12.”


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Thousands of comments later, including one that perfectly wrote, “50 must be a Karen’s dozen,” @princess__natt uploaded a part two video.

In this second video we get to see Karen continuing to be belligerent, even going so far as to ask the employee if she understands English – despite her complete non-understanding of numbers – before finally, at long last, placing her mask over her nose and mouth.


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Kudos to the Dunkin’ employee for not shouting Karen down for being completely ignorant of basic math and common courtesy. I trult do not know how they did it.

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