Adrian Grenier Says Doug Ellin Will Be Taking Ideas For The ‘Entourage’ Movie Sequel On Twitter

Earlier this week we told you about how Kevin Dillon thinks there’s a “really good” chance of a sequel to the Entourage movie, which comes out in four months. The excitement amongst the Bro community for this movie is palpable.

Here’s the thing, though. Cast members have been talking up an Entourage movie sequel for a few weeks now. Johnny Drama is not alone in thinking Entourage 2 is a done deal: Adrian Grenier told MTV News at Sundance that Doug Ellin already has his contract to write the next one. So, unless this movie is a colossal flop and the Bro popular of the world has moved on from fetishizing Entourage and the “get rich and famous with your Bros” lifestyle it inspires (newsflash:…which they haven’t), Entourage 2 is a mortal lock. Via MTV News:

“The great thing is the movie is awesome,” Grenier continued. “I think it’s going to be a huge success; I think people are going to love it. We’re all very proud of it. That means most likely there will be another… [executive producer] Doug Ellin has his contract to write the next one… I think he’s starting to brainstorm. If you have any ideas, tweet Doug Ellin and give him some.

Yep, you heard that right, “Entourage”-heads — Vince, Drama, E, Ari, and Turtle will be back for yet another Hollywood adventure after this first one hits on June 5. And if what Grenier says is correct, then fans should be clamoring for it.

You heard it from Vinny Chase himself, Bros! If you have any ideas for the Entourage movie sequel, “tweet Doug Ellin and give him some.” Personally, I’ve wanted to tweet him how I think Turtle should become a legal marijuana baron in Boulder Colorado who can’t figure out what to do with the fat stacks of cash he’s making because banks won’t take his money (this is a real issue), but Entourage creator Doug Ellin blocked me on Twitter this past October:

Fuck. Now he’ll never know my ideas for Entourage 2.

I’m no more obnoxious on Twitter than your average joe. To be honest, the block is a little insulting considering the amount of love and grandstanding we’ve done about Entourage over the years here at BroBible, dating back to the days we posted Monday morning recaps of episodes in the show’s final seasons. Come on, @mrdougellin. I thought you were cooler than social media passive aggressiveness.

The other week I figured out why he blocked me. It stems from a joke I tweeted at him from the classic College Humor “Vinny’s doing the movie!Entourage parody. Was it funny? Not really. But was it block-worthy? Hardly, especially considering the sub-text of BroBible being MASSIVE Entourage fans.


So if you want to have your ideas for the Entourage sequel voiced, tweet ’em to Doug, just like Adrian Grenier said to do. Unless you make jokes and he blocks you, which is very, very likely, no matter how much you love his show and are willing to support it with your hard-earned money at the box office.

And not going to lie, I totally feel like Rain Wilson’s movie blogger character after writing this post. I’m such a loser blogger I can’t even stand myself.

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