Amy Schumer’s New Stand Up Special Is Getting Absolutely Lambasted By Netflix Users


Amy Schumer sells out arenas with her stand up sets, is the author of a bestselling book, the star and writer of the film “Trainwreck,” and the mind behind Comedy Central’s Emmy-winning series “Inside Amy Schumer.” Despite the rhetoric that’s flying around as of late, that doesn’t happen just because Schumer isn’t afraid to talk about her vagina. She is funny.

With that said, Schumer has alienated a lot of her own fans after a few incidents that many believe have tainted her image. Back in October, 200 of Schumer’s fans walked out of her stand-up show in Florida after she ranted about Trump (Schumer also promised to leave the country if Trump was elected President, which turned out to be a lie). Schumer also made the mistake of associating with Lena Dunham. Schumer was the one interviewing Dunham when Dunham shamed Odell Beckham for not wanting to bang her. Guilty by association.

Amy Schumer’s highly anticipated stand-up special, The Leather Special, hit Netflix on Tuesday and is getting absolutely dogshit reviews.

Decider reviewed all 876 “Member Reviews” of the special that are currently posted on, and the results are pretty grim: 33 subscribers gave it 5 stars, 17 gave it 4 stars, 22 gave it 3 three stars, 85 gave it 2 stars, 710 users give it 1 star, and 9 gave it zero stars. That makes the average rating for The Leather Special 1.35 stars.

In Amy’s defense, according to Splitsider, the barrage of negativity can, in part, be attributed to alt-right r/The_Donald subreddits that urged Redditors to give the special a one-star review. Many obliged.

However, numerous publications have skewered the special’s predictability. LA Times said the special was “mostly full of the unapologetic raunch that’s contributed to her success: detailed descriptions of her messy sex life, vivid references to her bodily functions and other aggressively TMI moments.”

Even Schumer fans were disappointed in the showing.

“So disappointing,” wrote another user. “I’ve always rooted for her, but she’s lost herself, it seems. Or maybe she was always faking it? Not sure but this is a terrible waste of time.”

Moral of the story: don’t associate with Lena Dunham.

[h/t Splitsider]

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