BBC’s Andrew Neil Completely Obliterated The ‘Jihadist Losers’ Of ISIS With This Standing Ovation-Worthy Monologue

by 5 years ago

BBC host Andrew Neil came straight at the throats of ISIS on Thursday evening calling them “jihadist losers” while delivering a scalding monologue to open up This Week, a satirical-type British current affairs program the Scottish broadcaster has presented since 2003.

Deeming the jihadists that perpetrated the Paris terror attacks “IS” short for “Islamist Scumbags,” Neal’s searing two-minute tirade also saw him poignantly rattle off countless great minds of French progress and their contributions to society paralleled with the gruesome, brutal culture of murdering and slavery advocated by “…a death cult barbarity that would shame the Middle Ages.”

Ultimately, Andrew Neil closed by making a resilient promise to ISIS: “Whatever atrocities you are capable of committing, you will lose.”


“In a thousand year’s time, Paris, that glorious city of lights, will still be shining bright as will every other city like it. And you will be dust, along with the ragbag of fascist Nazis and Stalinists that previously dared to challenge democracy and failed.”


Well said, good sir. Well said indeed.

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