Arnold Schwarzenegger Rips Donald Trump Over His Record Low Approval Rating

A recent Gallup poll saw President Trump’s approval rating slip to 37 percent, lower than Barack Obama experienced at any point over the course of his presidency. According to the Washington Post, on a daily basis, Trump is now averaging 42.1 percent approval, lower than any other previous president included in Gallup’s data.

It should be noted that the Gallup’s data is volatile and when the polling company releases its weekly numbers, it should show an average approval of about 40 percent, tying the lowest weekly average Obama ever saw. Not great, but certainly not something the President can’t bring up if he kisses a few more babies and keeps the pussy grabbing under wraps.

Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been very vocal in his disdain for the President. The former Governor of California rubbed salt in Trump’s Gallup wounds in a Twitter video to his 4.19 million followers.

A Trump/Schwarzenegger cage match would make so much money, it would solve world hunger. Just spitballing here.