The Internet Is Relentlessly Trolling Avril Lavigne With Conspiracy Tweets That She’s Dead

avril lavigne conspiracy tweets dead

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Pretty much the only time we report on Avril Lavigne anymore is when she’s lashing out at someone for making fun of Nickelback.

That, or when she’s making out with Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years. One of those things.

However, now an old conspiracy theory that Lavigne killed herself in 2003 and was replaced by a lookalike named Melissa has once again taken root. With hilarious results.

You see, now Lavigne can’t post a single thing on Twitter without folks coming out of the woodwork to troll her for not really being Avril Lavigne, but in reality being Melissa.

For example, here’s a tweet Lavigne posted on Tuesday.

Simple enough, right?

Check out these responses…

And on it goes…

Heck, Lavigne can’t even post a nice tribute to her mom without being inundated with people calling her Melissa…

And so on…

It’s even gotten so bad that WikiHow has gotten in on the action…

The best part of it all though, at least to me, is that Avril has made no attempt whatsoever to shut them all up. Maybe she really is Melissa after all?

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