Marty McFly Talks About Feeling Up His Mom And Turning Gay In This Creepy Deleted Scene From ‘Back To The Future’

What. The. Fuck.

How has this deleted scene from Back to the Future evaded us for all these years? Have you seen it? I’ve never seen it. No one on our staff has seen it. Ipso facto, you have never seen it either, even if you have… #BulletproofLogic

We may never know why this scene died on the cutting room floor, but that can’t stop us from asking the obvious questions. Like, Why does Marty McFly think he has to get all handsy with his mother’s body when he travels back in time? How exactly would said handsy-ness turn him gay? And is there a Back to the Future deleted scene somewhere that features Marty banging Momma McFly? Not that that’s something anyone, especially me, would like to watch.