Ranking The Best Mac Lines From ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ For When You Want To Sound Like A Badass

Even though Mac thinks he’s a badass, he’s just as much as a goon/burnout/underachiever/fool as the rest of the gang, which is more or less the point of his character. So when we say “for when you want to sound like a badass,” we really mean “for when you’re hanging out with a bunch of morons who don’t know the difference between ‘badass’ and ‘dumbass.’” I hope you read all these words and didn’t just ignore them to watch the video, because if you run out to go hang with the cool kids and choose to wear a duster, explaining your fashion choice by saying “it’s longer, thicker, and far more badass” will quickly get you ostracized and labeled as the loser who actually knows wtf a “duster” is.

In other words, is Mac a badass character for a tv show? Yup. Does that translate into real life? Hell to the fucking no.