Can A Hydraulic Press Crush Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws?

In what is one of the better viral marketing campaigns recently, the Hydraulic Press Channel attempts to see if the virtually indestructible metal alloy adamantium can withstand their crushing contraption. The clever ad for the movie “Logan” on the Hydraulic Press Channel first tries to pulverize a small ball made of adamantium. No luck. It actually damages the ultimate compression implement.

Next up, after they fix the broken hydraulic press, they attempt another pressurized experiment with the help of a “friend.” That friend is Wolverine and the press attempts to flatten his adamantium. No way. Once again, adamantium reigns supreme as the claw slices the bottom part of the press like it was a wheel of Camembert cheese.

Good for the dudes at the Hydraulic Press Channel. I’m sure they get a pretty penny from Marvel for advertising their superhero flick.