Canadian Dad Confronts Justin Bieber at Walmart for Being a Prick

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If only Justin Bieber had heeded the words of Thomas Wolfe: You can’t go home again. (NOTE: Justin Bieber does not know who Thomas Wolfe is.)

According to the Daily Mail and the Facebook account of a real-life angry Canadian man (they exist!), Bieber was back in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario recently when he engaged in an activity familiar to many of us who grew up in small towns. He hit up his local Walmart.

After rolling in on a party bus, Bieber apparently waltzed into the store with 30 guys—and a police escort in tow, natch—and went on a rampage, throwing things, shining flash lights in people’s faces, and opening food only to toss it in the floor. Hey, that doesn’t sound like the Bieber I know!

Anyway, this behavior caused local father-of-three Mike Malcho  to write an exasperated Facebook note that has since made the rounds online. Malcho, who claimed to know Bieber since he was a kid, told the 19-year-old he was a prick and a disappointment, and he told Bieber he was cruel to his fans back in Stratford.

Malcho does say in the note that he confronted Bieber in the Walmart, but it’s unclear which insults—if any—he said in person, and which were saved for the Internet.

God, it’d be great if they were all said in person.

Malcho takes some liberties with grammar, but the whole note is a pretty awesome read.


Anyway, Malcho’s Facebook is public, so cue the Belieber army sending hate mail with heart-dotted “i’s” in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

[H/T: Daily Mail]

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