This ‘Celebrities Eating Things’ Instagram Is The Most Inexplicably Funny Thing You’ll See Today

by 1 year ago

There are some things on the internet that you can’t really explain why they are funny. They just are.

Usually in those cases the things in question really don’t make any sense.

That is most certainly the case here today with this Instagram account called “Celebrities Eating Things.”

Now the photos alone are kind of funny, just because it’s, well, celebrities eating things, which is so random. However, the pièce de résistance is the fact that the purveyor of these pics has taken the time to rate each pic from 1 to 10 and provide comical commentary on each photo.

For instance, the famous photo of Donald Trump digging into a taco bowl has this caption, “Donald Trump about to dig in to a giant Mexican Taco Salad. Based on the Taco itself trump will receive a 6/10. Loss of points for turning a hand food into a fork food. Points gained for Taco size and topping choices.”


Here are some more choice shots with their associated rating and commentary…

“Anthony Kiedis eating a fruit salad at the Lakers game. Excellent multitasking shown. Anthony is holding his bowl very nicely, securely getting the pineapple into his mouth, all while keeping his eye on the game! 8.5/10.”

Marky Mark Wahlberg eating a nacho. 9/10 for going full airplane

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“Marky Mark Wahlberg eating a nacho. 9/10 for going full airplane.”


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