Trailer For ‘The Circle’ Starring Emma Watson And Tom Hanks And I DGAF What It’s About, Take My Money Now

by 2 years ago

The first official trailer for The Circle just dropped, and this film co-starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks could literally be about grass growing and I’d still pay money to go see. Instead, it’s got an incredible plot based on one of the hottest selling books in recent memory.

Yes, this film is poised to make just shy of a billion dollars based on cast alone.

Yes, I’m going to see it because Emma Watson is in it and Tom Hanks is the icing on the cake.

No, I have not read the book by my lady has and she told me I’d like which in my mind is the same as reading, right? Right.

Based on what I’ve gleaned from this trailer it appears as if Emma Watson’s landed a job at some powerful and mysterious tech firm straight out of college, and Tom Hanks is some sort of International Man of Mystery looking to change the world with ‘The Circle’, whatever the fuck that is. Like I said, this movie could be about growing grass and I’d still go see it.

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