Comedian Iliza Shlesinger Hilariously Explains Why Every Girl Is So Obsessed with Pinterest


If comedian Iliza Shlesinger isn’t on your radar, you have no idea what you’re missing out on, Bros. Shlesinger was thrusted into comedy stardom a few years back by winning the sixth season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. If you enough hearty yucks, her full length comedy special, War Paint, is a must-watch on Netflix.

Last night Shlesinger was on The Tonight Show for a 5-minute mini-set. An bona fide expert at mocking stereotypical chick behavior, Shlesinger went on a tremendous rant about why girls are so fucking obsessed with Pinterest. It’s so accurate, it’s scary.

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And seriously? What the fuck is the deal with flatbread, ladies? It tastes like cardboard.