Dakota Johnson And Leslie Mann Are Macking Hard On Chris Van Vliet In This Interview

Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann are fifty shades of horny throughout this interview with Canadian Radio/TV host Chris Van Vliet, who plays this whole charade with a surprisingly low key demeanor. I mean dude, these two ladies are fine. Plus Leslie Mann seems like she’s been playing herself up till now in all her movie appearances–down to earth funny chick with an infectious laugh. I’m pretty sure most any guy granted the opportunity to enjoy the shameless flirtatious courting of Johnson and Mann might be prone to stuttering and mumbling his way through full on, is-this-really-happening, cardiac arrest.

A little poking around on Vliet’s social media accounts though, and I was quick to learn that he’s kind of a narcissistic unaborted Abercrombie & Bitch toolbag. I present to you the Vliet duck face. He flashes this blue steel bullshit in various selfies a lot.

V-necking it on Deco Drive today Sweater from @sartorialmiami & @elysze #mensstyle #mensfashion #miami #DecoDriveTV

A photo posted by Chris Van Vliet – Deco Drive (@chrisvanvliet) on

Fresh. Love this blazer/pocket square combo from @sartorialmiami. Styled by @elysze #DecoDriveTV

A photo posted by Chris Van Vliet – Deco Drive (@chrisvanvliet) on

Great photo from @bnmoten. It was always a pleasure to work with you! #bluesteel

A photo posted by Chris Van Vliet – Deco Drive (@chrisvanvliet) on

Whatever I don’t want drink too heavy from the pitcher of haterade here, and the bottom line is this guy got hit on harder than Justin Bieber would, were he to cruise by a middle school underlings-infested Cinnabon shack in a rundown, cigarette-stained Florida strip mall on a motherfucking Friday afternoon.

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