Dave Chappelle’s First Stand-Up Appearance From 23 Years Ago Was Amazing — ‘Star Search’ In 1993

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Dave Chappelle’s first major appearance on national television came on Star Search back in 1993. As Dave notes in his stand-up act above, he’d previously appeared on BET but also claims that nobody was watching to see him. To put this in context, Chappelle was born in 1973 so he was 20-years-old at the time this was filmed and has now been doing comedy for nearly 34 years of his life. Something else of note here is that on Dave’s Wiki page he lists his first foray into comedy as an appearance at ‘Amateur Night’ at The Apollo in Harlem where he was booed off of the stage.

With Dave Chappelle all over the news in recent weeks, I came across this throwback clip to his earliest days as a stand-up comedian and thought it would be cool for everyone to see where his roots began on the stage. He’s always been one of the funniest men in Comedy, and it’s a shame that he disappeared for several years when he was #1 in the business but he had his reasons. I’m just glad that Dave Chappelle’s back in the limelight and helping people laugh.

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