David Blaine Blew Jennifer Lawrence’s Goddamn Mind Last Night, Made Dave Chappelle Question Reality

by 4 years ago

In case you missed it last night, magician David Blaine debuted a new magic special during which he caught an actual bullet in his mouth using a mouth guard built specifically for this stunt. The bullet catching was the final trick of Beyond Magic, David Blaine‘s latest mind-blowing feat, but it certainly wasn’t the trick that has the most people talking.

As is the case with most of David Blaine’s magic specials he enlisted tons of celebrities to appear on his special, celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, David Beckham, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, Drake, and Dave Chappelle.

Here’s that Chappelle trick that has everyone talking:

I tuned into Beyond Magic a little late last night and unfortunately missed the first 20 minutes of the special, but I did manage to catch it in time to see the clip above in which he spits out a fucking LIVE FROG from his mouth and blows Dave Chappelle’s goddamn mind. It’s a truly amazing trick because it’s probably the most unexpected thing you could ever see someone do, and then when it’s all said and done he makes Drake hold the spit frogs.

Even though David Blaine’s frog trick is the one that’s causing the most chatter I think the Jennifer Lawrence trick was probably my favorite because he managed to completely mindfuck her through his iPhone. He wasn’t even in the same room as her and he STILL pulled off a ridiculous magic trick, one that caused her to accuse him of being a sorcerer/witch.

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