Dave Grohl Had His Orthopedic Surgeon Sing ‘Seven Nation Army’ With Foo Fighters At Fenway

Today in “This Is Dave Grohl’s World, We’re Just Living In It” News, the Foo Fighters frontman thanked his orthopedic surgeon for fixing up his broken leg by inviting him on stage to help the band play a cover of The White Stripes classic “Seven Nation Army.” He didn’t just get to come on stage and play the cowbell either, Dave let the good doctor sing the entire song.

In front of a roaring Boston crowd at Fenway Park on Sunday night, Dr. Lew C. Schon was allowed to sing the sports anthem with Mr. Grohl.


“Holy shit, that’s actually my doctor,” Grohl said. “What a badass.”

The crowd even chanted “Lewwww!”

With the help of Dr. Schon, his Game of Thrones-themed chair and painkillers, Grohl has been able to perform on the Foo Fighters’ North American tour after breaking his leg in June.

“I’m starting to do a little bit of rehab exercise and the cast is off,” Grohl told Rolling Stone about his recovery. “The swelling’s down. The pain’s gone. It’s just a matter of getting those kick-drum muscles back, man. I can’t fuckin’ lose those. That’s important to me. So I’m sitting here, moving it around, doing my exercise as we speak. So it’s OK.”

This comes on the heels of Grohl bringing up a kid to the stage to play the drums with Foo Fighters on his 18th birthday. This is going to be a great tour with the band just having fun with it.