Wolverine It Going To Die — And Stay Dead — In ‘Death of Wolverine’

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Death of Wolverine

All of the great heroes die at some point — Superman, Captain America and even Dick Butt. Marvel has launched the Death of Wolverine, and in case that doesn’t spell it all out for you, beloved angry man Wolverine is going to die.

For good. Seriously. For good. I know, it’s the comics,  and everyone dies and comes back eventually.


The man with the adamantium claws and admirable mutton chops is going to die in Death of Wolverine.

A new four-part comic series, whose title, Death of Wolverine, leaves little room for manoeuvre, has been published. The mutant character, who first appeared on the page in 1974, isn’t dead by the end of the first issue, but he has lost the healing ability which has helped to keep him alive for more than a century. And the Grim Reaper doesn’t seem far away – a lifeless Wolverine is depicted being borne away in a Christ-like pose by a skeleton Death on the cover of the final comic in the series.

Responding to skepticism about how long the death will last – the demise of characters in comics is generally less than permanent – writer Charles Soule told USA Today that this time, the death of Wolverine would be “an event that’s designed to stick”. The mutant, he said, would definitely perish, but “it’s really the manner of his death that matters”.


Death of Wolverine…for now

Now, nothing is forever, and Death of Wolverine could become just a footnote in the history of the legendary character, but Marvel is hell bent on saying “this is really the end.” They’ve even told fans to “grab their tissues” though I’m not sure why anyone would masturbate to Death of Wolverine. Oh, crying, got it.

So we’re giving it, what, a year? Long enough to make a movie? I say he’s back by the spring. Dead isn’t dead in the comic books unless you’re Uncle Ben.

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