Demi Lovato Crapped All Over A Fan’s Drawing Of Her As A Sexy Mermaid And People Are NOT Having It

As you may know, diehard fans of celebrities sometimes like to create their own art and drawings involving their favorites as a bit of an homage to them.

One such artist, Vladimir Serbanescu, is a big fan of Demi Lovato so he decided to honor her by drawing her as a sexy mermaid.

He obviously had nothing but the best of intentions as he tagged Lovato and captioned the drawing, “Half human, Half fish @ddlovato|| please TAG her and feel free to repost.”

The drawing was a spin on one of Lovato’s promotional photos for her single “Body Say.”

Well, apparently Lovato did finally get around to seeing it because she commented on the drawing which was shared on another Instagram account.

Turns out she was less than thrilled with it, commenting, “Is that how my boobs should look? It’s gorgeous but that’s not my body.”

Because of those comments Serbanescu suddenly felt the need to defend himself as an artist, responding, “If i make your waist slimmer and your boobs bigger to accentuate the fact that i drew you as a mermaid, a mythological creature, doesn’t mean I say that you should look like that or all girls should look like that. That’s how i imagine mermaids. I worked a lot on that drawing and i was proud of it, but not anymore.”

Now people are going full-on beef war here in the comments of all of these various posts…

saevoung i think @ddlovato was wrong here, because this drawing was made by someone who admires her and wanted to make a drawing for her, but she turned it into a negative thing about how he was bodyshaming her. All she did was complain about the drawing’s figure. So what if the drawing is skinny? It was based of a mythological creature, not 100% her. Demi made a very talented artist doubt himself, when all he wanted to do was make a beautiful artwork for her.

mastersunflower Love it! Don’t listen to demi it’s perfect. Of course her body not realistic shes an effing mermaid omg

caseytbhidc lmaoo this is bullshit no one was calling her fat by drawing her skinnier its a fucking drawing it cant be 100% accurate

mygrandebaby @ddlovato shame, making someone feel subjected to create art according to your personal preferences and standards. Art isn’t about getting your body right, way to make someone feel like shit…

kissification @ddlovato wow okay. i actually liked you. this picture was drawn by someone who was very careful and tried to use bits of her imagination to create you into a magical and mythical creature. shame on you. this artist clearly worked hard- you should applaud her instead of pointing out flaws like your body

vitoriacompagnone Damn it people, this is how HE imagines mermaids, it doesn’t mean mermaids look like that! This is just his style, and damn it. When you draw skinny people it doesn’t mean all people should look like that. Plus, her body in the drawing isn’t much different from her body from the real picture. Just calm the f*ck down. Indeed, in the real picture she actually looks a lot slimmer! Keep the great work, man! I’d really pay for you to draw me as a mermaid!

And on Twitter…

There are a ton more comments, but as you can see, things seem to be a bit one-sided as far as the reaction to Demi’s complaint with many calling for her to apologize. God love social media.

H/T Huffington Post

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