‘Fifty Shades Of Orange’ — The Internet Is Having A Field Day With These Donald Trump Movie Titles And Memes

You gotta hand it to D-Trump. The dude has built a Trump Tower in the heads of every American. For better or worse, the Donald is the topic of conversation at millennial gatherings and Elks clubs alike. I wouldn’t be surprised if the last girl I had sexual intercourse with had Trump on her mind while I was thrusting sheepishly above her. Actually, nevermind. I guess Trump wasn’t as mainstream back in 2008.

His ubiquity in the current social landscape is evident in the numerous hashtags that have gone viral over the past month or so — #TrumpSacrifies,  #IfTrumpWins, and #TrumpTreason are just a few that have picked up steam.

The latest hashtag that has gone viral is a bit more lighthearted aka more my speed. People have been inserting Trump into popular movie titles under the hashtag #DonaldTrumpMovie and the results have been pretty funny.

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