Dude Tries To Kiss Kim Kardashian’s Ass In The Streets Of Paris, Gets Swiftly Stomped Out

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So this is the same dude who groped Gigi Hadid last week in Milan. He’s amassed a marginal amount of fame for following celebrities around and grabbing them, kissing them, and just being a genuine pain in the ass. And my father is disappointed in ME for not using my college degree to its full capability. Christ, having to explain that your son is the dude who flies around to different cities and lurks in the shadows for hours to molest a celebrity before getting stomped out must be a difficult topic to broach.

Not saying I wouldn’t enjoy the opportunity to kiss Kim K’s ass, but I’d prefer not to have my jaw wired shut in the process. Just personal preference.

Kim Kardashian


[h/t TMZ]

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