New Trailer For Christopher Nolan’s World War II Action-Thriller ‘Dunkirk’ Has Me SO JACKED UP Right Now

A new trailer for Dunkirk was just released by Warner Bros. and after watching it I can say that I haven’t been this excited for a war film in years. Dunkirk is Christopher Nolan’s World War II Action-Thriller film, and it opens up to hundreds of thousands of British and Allied Troops stuck on a beach, pinned against the sea by the Axis powers.

Director Christopher Nolan is responsible for the Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, and more recently Interstellar. He’s been working hard on Dunkirk, completely immersing himself in this project, and with a director of his talent I think that means we can expect a film that’s larger than life.

As you can see from the trailer, Dunkirk is going to be a ‘larger than life’ film. That’s thanks in part to Christopher Nolan reuniting with his Interstellar photographer Hoyte van Hoytema to shoot the entire movie in IMAX 65mm film and 65mm large-format photography. So when it comes time to go see Dunkirk in theaters on July 21, 2017 and people are telling you ‘it’s never worth it to pay extra for the IMAX tickets’ you can tell them they’re wrong, and Dunkirk was filmed specifically for IMAX audiences.

Dunkirk features an all-star cast with names like Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, James D’Arcy, and Harry Styles. It’s almost CERTAIN to be a box office success with the star power behind this film, not to mention it appears as if this will be the first great war film in years.

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