Billionaire Futurist Elon Musk Is Apparently Dating Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s Ex

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Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist Elon Musk is a pretty much a real life Tony Stark. He has a company that sends people to space. He basically perfected the electric car. He’s very serious about a Hyperloop system that could transfer people at 700-MPH between major metropolitan areas — That’s faster than any jetliner.

And now he has a new muse: Actress Amber Heard, who you might recall as Seth Rogen’s girlfriend in Pineapple Express

…And as Chenault in The Rum Diary

AND as the star of this awkward, state-mandated PSA about Australian biosecurity:

Heard is Johnny Depp’s ex-wife from a tumultuous and very public divorce. Last August it was reported that Johnny Depp and Heard settled for $7 million in the divorce proceedings following months and months of negative publicity for the couple. Now, based on her Instagram, Heard is apparently on the rebound with Elon Musk.

Nice lip-stick smudge, Elon. ‘Atta boy.

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