Pro Gamer FaZe Censor Breaks Up With Yanet Garcia To Focus On ‘Call Of Duty’ Career

Internet power couple Doug ‘Faze Censor’ Martin and Yanet Garcia are no more. It’s been nearly three years since the pro Call of Duty gamer got on a plane to meet the viral weather woman from Mexico but according to Martin his relationship with Garcia got strained when she decided to take a job in Mexico earlier this year which conflicted with his duties as a pro gamer.


Pro gaming star FaZe Censor just chose Duty over booty — breaking up with his smokin’ hot celebrity weathergirl GF, Yanet Garcia … so he can focus on playing video games.

But, the love train is OVER — with Censor saying he broke up with the 27-year-old Mexican meteorologist because he wants to direct all of his energy on winning a Call of Duty championship.

In a 10 minute speed rant, Censor praised Garcia as an “awesome girl” — who’s smart and talented — but says they’re just not on the same page anymore.

“I gotta do what’s right for me,” Censor said … explaining that Garcia recently took a job in Mexico City where she can focus on growing her career as a model and an actress.

Censor made it clear his eye is on the prize — “I’ll do whatever it takes to be a champion.”

Garcia doesn’t seem to be taking the break up very well on social media.

I’m sure Miss Garcia will bounce back soon.

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