And The First Youtube Video To Surpass 2 Billion Views Is…


Yup, “Gangnam Style.” Was this even really a question?

Here is the question though – who at this stage in the game is like, “Gangnam Style, huh? Sounds like an interesting video. Pull that fucker up.” Hasn’t everyone been sick of this song and the video for at least a year and a half now? If you’re the type of person who hasn’t seen “Gangnam Style” by 2014, I’m gonna guess you’re also a person who doesn’t have a computer, probably lives in a cave, survives off of rotting bear carcasses, and doesn’t give two shits about Psy.

The video’s held the number one spot for Most Watched Video of All Time since October of 2012, and now it’s the first video ever to pass two billion views. It blows my mind, considering there are so many better videos out there. I mean, this week alone, I can point to five videos I would rather watch multiple times than “Gangnam Style.” If you haven’t had a chance, check out the videos below, and let’s try to get them closer to a billion.

1. Racist Dollar Store Tirade

2. Dude Strolling On The Street Half-Naked After Getting Caught Banging Another Dude’s Girlfriend 

3. Canoe Paddle Beatdown

4. Wheel of Fortune Contestant Blows It Big Time 

5. Bully Messes With The Wrong Kid