Gamers Literally Have All-Out War Over Which Is Better Call Of Duty Or Halo

Filmmakers Danny and Michael Philippou are behind the highly entertaining RackaRacka YouTube account. They specialize in creating original spoofs. One of their common themes is pitting two pop culture icons against each other, such as Marvel Vs. DC, Harry Potter Vs. Star Wars, Game of Thrones Vs. Lord of the Rings. In this fantasy battle royale, they have Call of Duty gamers battle Master Chief from Halo.

This is not your standard issue YouTube video, it has the special effects of a Hollywood movie. They even destroy the shit out of an entire home. Poor grandma. Master Chief is outnumbered by the Call of Duty gamers, but that doesn’t stop him from putting up an extraordinary fight. These Australians had all of video game weaponry such as Gravity Hammers, drone strikes, Energy Swords, plasma grenades and riot shields.

They perfectly use grandma’s senior citizen friends as Nazi zombies, but their killer move is pinching cheeks. They even sneak in a reference to CoD hero John “Soap” MacTavish.

Watch your back Michael Bay, these dudes are coming for you.

P.S. Fuck campers.