Ghostface Killah Threatens To Gut Action Bronson Like A Pig After SportsNation Diss

Action Bronson has often been compared to Ghostface Killah throughout his career. When asked about the comparison during an appearance on ESPN’s Sportsnation Bronson took a few shots at the Wu-Tang legend.

Ghostface didn’t appreciate Bronson’s diss and posted a six minute tirade on Youtube that included threats to “gut” Bronson like a pig and burn off his beard if he didn’t apologize

You’ve got this little fake ass n—-, Action Bronson, running around sounding like me,” “I want to tell his little fat fuck self, I gave you a grace period. I was supposed to destroy you a long time ago. You go on Sports Nation, kicking that shit, acting like you the n—-…first of all, you little fat fuck, who gives you the right to even mention my name.

“Doing 25 years for a n*** in rap music, with babies, it don’t really sound real good but I got shooters in New York,” “I got n****who will do disappearing acts for free…just keep my name out your mouth

Bronson quickly went on Twitter to apologize. Probably a smart move.



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