You Can Now Play Beer Pong In Halo 5 And This Proof That Anything Is Possible, So Go Follow Your Dreams, Bros

The future is now, bros. You can play beer pong on Halo 5: Guardians thanks to AFTM Reclaimer and this mod is proof that anything, YES ANYTHING, is possible. Do you need to play beer pong in Halo 5? Hell no. Does that mean you shouldn’t play beer pong in Halo 5? Again, hell no.

Sure, you can’t actually drink the beers as they are part of the game and you are not, but you can certainly drink along with one of your bros every time an opponent his a cup. Hell, if you want to play against me sometime I’ll drink for the both of us! Let’s check out some highlights in GIF, shall we?


If, like me, you think that beer pong in Halo 5 is pretty fucking awesome then you can find the map link for this beer pong mod HERE (requires a Microsoft sign in), and you can get the Gametype HERE (also requires a Microsoft sign in).

And if you don’t actually have Halo 5: Guardians yet you need to pick it up ASAP, and you can do so by purchasing the game RIGHT HERE ON AMAZON for only $23.

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(via r/gaming)


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