The Homeless, Drunk NYC Millennial Who Sleeps With Girls Every Night Explains His Ways To ‘Dr. Phil’


Dr. Phil

Back in mid-September, we posted Elite Daily’s shocking documentary about a homeless 20-something living in New York City who more or less survives by picking up girls every night. The subject of the video — 26-year-old Homeless Joe — explained to the website how he goes home with girls from the bar almost every night (when he does, he sleeps on the street), spends his mornings getting loading, steals toiletries from Duane Reade, and makes about $150 a day panhandling around New York. His story went tremendously viral.

We haven’t heard a lot about Homeless Joe since mid-September, sans a drunken run-in outside the bars of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Homeless Joe’s story is one of destitution,  addiction, and creepiness — far from something of envy to anyone with half-a-brain would find “legendary” or anything remotely admirable.

That in mind, Dr. Phil recruited the homeless millennial to be the subject of an entire episode. The episode about this “cardboard Casanova” aired today. I’m still trying to figure out how to watch it in full. When I can, I’ll expand upon this post, since I believe Joe’s story is an important one.

In the meantime, Dr. Phil has released a couple of clips from the show about Joe that are worth watching. All I feel for this guy is sad, sad, sad. This is no way to live your life.

Clip #1: Homeless Joe explains how he maintains a clean appearance and discloses how he makes money by panhandling. He explains how he makes $150 a day to Dr. Phil, to which Dr. Phil points out that’s over $54,000 a year. Dr. Phil’s lame video player doesn’t work on our site (put it on YouTube, Bro), so watch clip #1 right here.

Clip #2: Is Joe happy being on the streets? “Not in the morning.” When he hits the bars and buys his drinks, he explains what he says to “convince” what he does to take women home. Watch clip #2 here.

Clip #3: And finally, Dr. Phil weighs in on how he thinks Homeless Joe is sorta full of shit about being homeless. Dr. Phil tore him a new one with some much-needed real-talk. Watch clip #3 here.

I can’t imagine any of his hook-ups are all that pleased with taking this sleaze-ball home. I’m sure his Internet celebrity in NYC will put an end to that pretty quick.

All-in-all, I feel bad for Homeless Joe. He obviously has some very serious psychological and emotional issues. The dude’s life is a train-wreck and he doesn’t seem to be willing to do anything about it. Let’s hope he gets off the streets soon.

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