Watch Ja Rule Stop His Concert And Slap A Fan Who Drilled Him With A Beer Can

If you’re going to pick an artist’s head to hum a full Budweiser at, you may want to choose one who doesn’t have songs titled ‘It’s Murda’ and ‘Murda Reigns’ and ‘Murda 4 Life.’ I’m no clinical psychologist but that guy who once went on record discussing his favorite prison meal mayyy have a temper. Maybe go to a Clay Aiken concert and drill that dude with a twelve-ouncer, but Ja Rule? That dude’s fixing to make another song about murda and you probably won’t be around to hear it. Not to mention, the dude’s been dragged over the coals all week for thinking that Michael Jordan gets paid $1 for every crying Jordan meme, which is further evidence that the dude is tapped.

The incident below occurred at Harrah’s Pool After Dark in Atlantic City last weekend. Ja was only four songs into his set when debauchery ensued.

$1,000 to simply locate the fan. I wonder how much Ja paid for the body. RIP bro.

[h/t TMZ]

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