Why The Hell Hasn’t ‘SNL’ Hired This Ridiculously Talented Robin Williams Impressionist Yet?!

There’s nothing I can say about Robin Williams that hasn’t already been said. He was the embodiment of ‘funny’, and one of the nicest, most genuine comedians the world has ever known. His legacy will continue on for generations if not centuries, and it’s already evident in brilliant impressionists like this one we first brought you a few weeks ago. Not only does this man look like Robin Williams, he also has a gift for impressions unlike anything I’ve seen in quite some time. Now I’m not exactly spending my waking hours scouring YouTube for up and coming impressionists, but when I first caught glimpse of this comedian I knew he’d be someone to watch.

Last time around we showed you footage of him doing primarily Robin Williams and Matthew McConaughey impressions. This clip of actor/impressionist/comedian Jamie Costa shows a man jumping from character to character, taking on the ‘Lord of the Rings’ scene were Gandalf the Wizard is gathering together ‘The Fellowship’, only this fellowship consists of Robin Williams, George W. Bush, and Matthew McConaughey. This begs the question: when outside of Will Ferrell have you EVER seen a George W. Bush impression that’s both as spot on as that, and somehow manages to be funny. Everyone’s got a Dubya impression sitting in their back pocket to be used on rainy days, but they’re never funny. Jamie Costa manages to somehow inject life into his impressions on a way that I’ve never seen before, and I wish this bro the best of luck in his career as an aspiring actor.